Junior KG Planner
Jr. K.G Planner January-February 2016
Week I
Introduction to 3 letter
words ’u’ words
Introduction to addition with pictures
Introduction to cloths
Pounding and
Pouring Activity
Week II
Association of ‘u’ 3
letter words
Exercises on addition with pictures
Different kind of uniforms
& clothes people wear
Chalk & Slate
Week III
Practice writing 3 letter
‘u’ words
Addition with
Tally Lines
Clothes we wear in
different seasons
Napkin folding Button frames,
Lace & Beads
Week IV
Reading 3 letter
‘u’ words
Additional Exercises on addition with tally Lines
Different types of fabrics(materials),
Care for our clothes
Pounding and Pouring Activity, Sand Letter
Emotional Development, Physical Development, Body Movement/awareness, coordination of body and Mind, Willpower/determination
Social development
Ready to help others, work well in a group, work well individually, takes a leading role, cooperation
Work habits
Begins work promptly, completes work on time, follows Instruction, Has good concentration span, Applies Himself/Herself, Neatness in his or her work, observation
Art & Craft
Free coloring, Paper tearing and Pasting, Cut and Paste
Taking care of self, Taking care of Environment