Helen O Grady
We began in Australia in 1979. Today we operate throughout the world, with thousands of students attending classes weekly. The programme has been running in India for five years and has now expanded into various cities across the country.

The World’s Largest Drama Academy and the only one offering a self development programme guaranteed to benefit your child.

Awarded* as the "Best Innovative After School Programme in India"
*by Indian Education Awards 2014
How We Can Help
For over 30 years our acclaimed Self - development drama programme has been helping children (3-18 years) to be confident and speak clearly. enthusiastic teachers and a dynamic learning environment motivate students to participate willingly and achieve their personal best, at all levels of development.
What Your Child Needs
To be happy and successful in today’s highly competitive world, your child needs to be confident and articulate . Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with their peers, develop skills that make the journey through life much easier. Our stimulating life enhancing skills programme assists all students to develop in these important areas.
Experience and Expertise
All our staff is qualified teachers and undergoes regular training in the Helen O’Grady Drama system which is used exclusively in all our classes worldwide. The teacher develops a personal report with each student and the principal attends classes regularly to monitor progress.
Our teaching year is divided into three terms of ten lessons each. Fee will be charged at the beginning of each academic year.
The Programme
Our acclaimed programme encompasses a huge body of developmental drama activities aimed at increasing the confidence, self esteem and verbal skills of all times students. enthusiastic participation is encouraged at all times and students present a short, scripted production at the end of each year for parents and friends. Above all, our classes are fun!
Over a period of time, we guarantee children will develop excellent social skills they will need in everyday life:
bullet Speak & move confidently
bullet Answer in full sentences
bullet Feel good about themselves
bullet Improve their confidence
bullet Increase in self-esteem
bullet Improve commitment
bullet Act in plays
bullet Work in groups situations
bullet Meet new friends
bullet Discuss social issues
bullet Improve listening skills
bullet Encourage English language skills