Hobby Classes
The objective of our centre is to identify and develop the hidden talent in each kid with the help of experts from the field. We also work in developing the artistic side of their personality which is lost in the current trend of competitive studies and over viewing of Television. The activities are designed to keep them healthy and fit mentally and physically.

Activity centre for age group 2.5 years to 5 years (Batch 1) & 5 years to 8 years (Batch 2)

Timing: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
bullet Art & Craft: Paper folding, Origami, Animal crafts, Vegetable crafts from recycled items, Toy making and seasonal crafts.
bullet Drawing: Sketching, free hand drawing, finger painting, vegetable dabs, landscape painting.
bullet Dance: Special training will be provided according school functions, events, etc.
bullet Music: Introducing children in playful manner to singing, speech, music, motion and organology.
bullet Puzzles: Jigsaw Puzzles, Cross word, Word Search, Number Puzzles, Sudoku, Wordplay, Brainteasers, Riddles, math's Puzzles etc.
bullet Stories: Story telling of classical & Mythological stories, Reading and writing skills.
bullet Yoga: A comprehensive introduction to yoga basics, including yoga workouts.
bullet Puppet Show: Puppet making from Paper bags, Socks, Stick puppets, Hand Puppets and reusable item. Conduct puppet shows
bullet Scientific Experiment: Scientific experiments to make the kids understand ever day science around them.
bullet Projector sessions: Projector sessions for kids for various activities.
bullet Socio dramatic plays.
bullet Homework Completion: Guidance for homework completion and concept understanding.